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Samsung May Be Creating A “Design 3.0″

I know a lot of people think Samsung’s design is stale. And while I don’t agree, I can definitely see why some would say that. Their first iteration of devices, or what we would call their “Design 1.0″ in this case, were fairly square. The Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, and their various cheaper counterparts followed a very similar, boxy design…. Read more

Google Shows Off Early Prototypes Of Google Glass

Google I/O’s keynote was almost completely devoid of hardware discussion, aside from the stock Android Galaxy S 4. However, this doesn’t mean that Google I/O as a whole won’t discuss new or existing hardware. For example, Project Glass staff hardware engineer Jean Wang took a moment to speak about the design of Google Glass and how it progressed. As… Read more

HTC Re-Uploads The Design Story Of The HTC One

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fSkbIb60l1s Now whether you’re a fan of the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (or even both), you have to appreciate the One’s all metal design. HTC re-uploaded their video describing the design and manufacturing of the HTC One body, probably in response to Samsung posting their design story. This… Read more

Samsung Posts Video About The Galaxy S 4 Design Story

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUiRThvCp8E Last year, after Samsung had released the Galaxy S III onto the market, they posted a video describing its design. They showed the S III being created, while talking about what inspired its design. The whole nature aspect may have been silly, but it was clever and interesting. That video was good, because it… Read more

Sense 5 Is HTC “Redefining” Sense UI

When the HTC One was announced, so was HTC Sense 5. It was the next evolution in HTC’s Android overlay, bringing many new features and optimizations. However, a new blog post by HTC sheds light on the research that went into building this new software. For example, through their research they came to a few very interesting conclusions: Most people… Read more

Tweet Lanes Goes Open Source, Calls For Help

Tweet Lanes was a fantastic concept on what a Holo-themed Twitter app could look like. It also offered a unique take on the reply system, where there was an omnipresent bar with a text field at the bottom and pressing a tweet would add the username to it to reply. However, due to Twitters new 100k user token limit, the developer had to let the project… Read more

Samsung Highlights Galaxy S III Design Process In New Video

A brand new five-minute video from Samsung highlights just how different the Galaxy S III is from all of the company’s previous smartphone designs. From being inspired by pebbles on the beach, the organic curvature of the casing, to the countless prototypes that led to the final design, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is undoubtedly a beautiful device. The… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III: Designed by Lawyers [Video]

Remember the original Samsung Galaxy S and its striking similarities with Apple’s iPhone 3GS? Remember the seemingly endless lawsuits and copyright trolling that ensued? The design of the Samsung Galaxy S III is a direct result of two years of battle between legal departments. And the above video explains it all! Enjoy! Images from… Read more