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A hint of Desire’s next destination?

I’m not sure you can classify this as evidence of an impending Stateside launch, but it is encouraging to see the HTC Desire turn up on a rebate form, even if it isn’t from one of the big four carriers. Desire is one of those few phones I’d be willing to let go of my N1 for. After all, I’ve spent a good deal of time making my Nexus behave like… Read more

HTC Desire unlocked and in stock

Those of you who are itching to get your hands on Desire ASAP are in luck: the unlocked version of the phone has hit the virtual shelves and is good to go in the States, for those with the cash to spare. Clove and eXpansys are a couple of the shops selling the device, for £330 ($507) and £439.99 ($674), respectively. If you are a Sense fan and the owner… Read more

Legend and Desire hacked

Paul O’brien, hacker extraordinaire and head honcho over at MoDaCo, has rooted HTC’s Legend and Desire devices, as evidenced by the photo after the break. A tutorial won’t go public until Paul has had some time to work out kinks and test and such, but it is coming. I am currently running MoDaCo’s Desire Alpha 19 and became an ad-free member of the site… Read more

HTC Desire / Bravo / Passion / Dragon

Specs: 1 GHz processor; Android 2.1 with HTC Sense; ROM 512MB / RAM 576MB; 3.7-inch AMOLED touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution; Optical Trackball; GPS w/ Digital compass; Bluetooth 2.1; Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g; 3.5 mm stereo audio jack; 5mp auto-focus camera; 1400 mAh battery Expected Release: Q2 in Asia and Europe Notes: HTC’s finest… Read more

Desire’s silver option

As if Desire wasn’t sexy enough, BelCompany customers in the Netherlands will have a silver color option when placing their order for HTC’s Sense packin’ sister to the Nexus One. Engadget posted a video of one this morning, saying that they were aware of the “exclusive” edition’s availability from other retailers. I, for one, find this model stunning and… Read more

Is Bravo headed for T-Mo US?

You know that killer, Sense-powered sister to the Nexus One that has been confirmed by virtually every carrier across the pond but not by a one over here? I’m talking about Desire, and that it does inspire. Had I the time or the sign of an inkling, I’d write a poem for that twinkling screen upon which my fingers (multiple, true) could dance and twirl and… Read more

DivX support coming to HTC Desire

The yet-to-be-released HTC Desire seems to have some tricks up its sleeve. Desire is one of the most highly anticipated devices since the launch of Nexus One. And the lovely Sense UI on top of already beautiful Android 2.1 – Eclair – is just like the extra toppings on the the…eclair. Now, we are finding that it will feature internal tasty treat as yet… Read more

A quick look at the MoDaCo Alpha 10 Desire ROM

MoDaCo gives us N1 users Sense with this Desire ROM. Click here for instructions on how to get here from a stock Nexus One. Carlos already did a video review of Alpha 6, but I wanted to take the newer version for a spin and continue to dust off of my movie makin’ gear. Despite the warnings from MoDaCo that most probably will not want to use this as their… Read more

Early Desire ROM available

As the OP, Paul over at MoDaCo states, this Desire ROM with Sense “isn’t even Beta. There’s a good chance you won’t want to use this as your main ROM,” but it’s good to see an Alpha out there, regardless. If you’ve ever followed the Android ROM-cooking world for a week or two, you know how quickly things move. No need to flash unless you’re absolutely… Read more