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PhoneDog’s hands on with Desire and 2.1

PhoneDog’s Briton in Barcelona, Ewan MacLeod, strikes again from Mobile World Congress, this time with a thorough tour through HTC’s new Enhanced Sense experience. It really is an object of Desire. Can’t wait to try out the phone’s optical joystick. Nice. Via… Read more

Desire to be a Legend and pre-order today

While the Nexus One is generally considered “the sheriff ’round these parts” when it comes to superphones, there’s another device that is clamoring for the title. That device would be the HTC Desire, which has the same hardware as the Nexus One, but has one big important difference: HTC’s Sense UI. This in-depth software tweak delivered by HTC is a huge… Read more

HTC Desire ROM headed for thousands of Nexi

Is that the plural of Nexus? Well, it should be. Whatever the case, a lot of you geeks are about to get happy. The ROM from the Sense-packing Desire (available on Amazon for €419) has been leaked and, while not yet available for the masses, it is being worked on as I type. I just installed the HTC IME and I feel, as I am with all Sense-related software,… Read more

Legend and Desire – First Look videos from HTC

If I were choosing between the two devices for myself, I would have to go with Desire for specs alone. But damn, Legend is a thing of beauty. I would love to see a Snapdragon in an aluminum unibody with Sense. Looks like we’ll probably be waiting a bit before either of these come Stateside – possibly with different names – if they come at all. I expect… Read more

HTC announces Legend and Desire: Video, pics, specs


Today, HTC formally announced two new Sense devices: Legend, which will be available in Europe this April and in other parts of the world – including Asia – in the second quarter, and Desire, which will launch (also Q2) in Europe, Asia, and Australia. HTC took the opportunity to mention that a newly “enhanced HTC Sense experience” will be offered as a free… Read more

HTC Eris / Desire

Specs: See Hero Released by: Verizon on November 6th, 2009 (anticipated) US Cost: $99 (anticipated) Notes: Second in VZW’s Droid series. Browse DroidDog posts tagged “Desire” or… Read more


Did that come out right at all? Maybe I should just stay away from blog singing. What can I say? Leaks about new, previously unheard of devices get me all emotional, and Scott Webster of Android Guys posted a purported snap of VZW’s internal system today that reveals a new phone in the works called Desire. We know nothing about the ADR6200, except that… Read more