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LG Nexus Review Pops Up, Oh Those Russians

Leave it to the Russians to post a review of a phone that hasn’t even been announced yet. Hilarious, this is why they rule the internet (mostly YouTube). Anyway, the Russians have posted a review of the LG Nexus, when Google hasn’t even announced the thing. There are some cool new details in the review, too. Here are a few: The inclusion of a… Read more

HTC Talks About Future, Climbing Up To The Top

HTC used to enjoy the Android crown. They were #1, and they knew it. It all started with the G1. Before, almost no one knew who HTC was. When Google decided to reveal Android to the world, HTC embraced it, a big risk that paid off tremendously. They made the best Android phones, including the Nexus One. Unfortunately, they went wrong from there. They… Read more