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HTC Posts Latest Stock RUU For The One Dev Edition

Everyone who modifies the software on their phones knows the importance of a stock image. All of you, at least once, messed up and soft bricked your device. And when I say at least once, I mean dozens of times, then proceeded to spend all night trying to fix it. It happens to the best of us. That’s why you keep a stock image around: if things go south,… Read more

HTC Announces Developer Edition Of HTC One For $649

In a move that surprises no one, HTC will go the route of releasing a developer edition of the HTC One instead of releasing a developer friendly device in the first place. You can get this developer phone, which is bootloader and SIM unlocked. for $650. HTC will be releasing this device in limited quantities at the same time as the subsidized versions… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Developers Edition ‘Coming Soon!’ According To Samsung’s Site

Earlier this month, Samsung announced that it was going to release a Developer Edition of the Galaxy S III for Verizon.  This version is identical to the existing Verizon model, except you now have the option to unlock the bootloader.  Well it looks like that device will soon be available.  Samsung’s site now displays that the Developer Edition is… Read more

Samsung To Offer “Developer Edition” Galaxy S III On Verizon With Unlockable Bootloader

Verizon has been continuously scrutinized over the past week for its choice to opt into locked bootloaders for its version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung has received a vast amount of feedback and numerous complaints, leaving them to take matters into their own hands. Today, Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S III Developer Edition for Verizon…. Read more