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Android Distribution Numbers Updated Right On Time

On the first of every month, Google updates their numbers of the different Android versions and how they are distributed across all Android devices. This month is no different, and we now have the numbers. First up is Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the most notable of all numbers. It made the most significant jump yet from 10.9% to 15.9% of all Android… Read more

Top Developers Can Now Reply To Google Play Comments

It’s finally here, the feature that Android developers have been anxiously waiting for. Google is touting the upcoming ability for publishers in the Google Play Store to reply directly to users’ comments. The feature is currently available only for those with a Top Developer’s badge in a limited testing capacity, but is expected to make a wider… Read more

HTC Releases Updated OpenSense SDK, New API’s Included

HTC announced some new APIs back at Mobile World Congress in February and it looks like those are finally coming to developers now with a new update to HTC’s OpenSense SDK. Most of these new APIs will help developers to better integrate Sense 4 features into their apps. Some of these features include things like the sound enhancer, the Sense 4… Read more

Operation: Make Ourselves Heard doesn’t think the Motorola RAZR Developer’s Edition is acceptable

The situation with Motorola and unlocked bootloaders isn’t done. Not done at all, in fact. We told you not too long ago about the petition that people around the Internet had put together to reach out to Motorola, to get some kind of answer as to why the company hasn’t released any information regarding unlocking bootloaders for already released devices…. Read more

Research firm Ovum says Android will be choice for developers in the near future

Since the unveiling of Android, and its subsequent march into the future of the platform, it has been said that Apple’s iOS is the platform of choice for developers. While it is still true that some top-notch applications out there make it to the Apple-branded platform earlier than Android, it looks like some folks out there in high places look to see that… Read more

Google I/O Extended to Three Days, Moved to June

Google I/O is usually a two day long developer conference held in April at San Fransisco. This is where Google does demos, presentations, and other cool stuff for developers (and consumers) to enjoy. The main events revolve around Android, Chrome, Google TV, and other popular Google products. This year a couple things are being changed. Instead of… Read more