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Samsung Releases Jelly Bean Source Code For Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II may be a phone which is about to be two years old, but it’s still going strong. It recently received a Jelly Bean update, the firmware wonderfully named I9100XXLSD. As an S II owner, I can confirm that LSD is awesome. The fact that my ancient device is running nearly identical software to my Note II is amazing. However, it’s about to get… Read more

OUYA Development Consoles Ship Out Today, Arriving Soon

After the OUYA broke through its funding goal on Kickstarter, people wondered what was next. Many were excited to see an Android powered console. Many were skeptical it would ever be released, let alone succeed. But the OUYA team is going strong, and they are now shipping development consoles to their developers, along with two controllers, to start… Read more

Boid For Android Unofficially Ending Development

Good Twitter clients seem to become more scarce these days, no? We can take one more off the list, at least for official development, as Team Boid member Graham Macphee stated today that development for their Twitter client will cease. However, Boid for Android was never intended to be a full client, rather an example for what Twitter clients should… Read more

New Survey Claims Interest In Android Development In Decline

It’s no secret that Android hasn’t always had the best developer support, but this last year has made some serious strides. A new survey suggests that might no longer be the case, as it states that Android development interest is in a decline. However, 76% of the developers surveyed are still very interested in Android. In January of last year,… Read more

Tired Of Switching Kernels Between TouchWiz And AOSP ROMs On The Note? Universal Kernel Now Available

The International Galaxy Note N7000 needs a different kernel for TouchWiz and AOSP ROMs. Meaning if you’re going to switch between the two, you’ll need to keep around two different versions of your favorite kernel (if the developer supports two different versions). Not a big inconvenience, but it could be easier. Now it is. The developer g.lewarne… Read more

Fragmentation Isn’t That Bad, Until You See It

Android is constantly accused of being a fragmented platform, but how bad is it? The image above is a fraction of Hong Kong developer Animoca’s 400+ arsenal of Android development devices. The developer has over 70 million downloads on Android under its belt, and it needs to be assured that everything will be compatible. That’s right, every single one of… Read more

Chrome for Android Beta contains built-in debugging tools, makes life easier for web developers

Web developers are what make the internet happen, and we’re sure that they’ll take anything that makes their job just a little bit easier. Google wants to help, and is now offering a cool new feature within their new Chrome for Android browser. Developers can now use an Android device running Chrome to display the live version of the site they’re developing… Read more

Android Design Preview mirrors parts of your desktop display

Google has a new toy for the development community called Android Design Preview. Design Preview is a tool is software that allows devs and designers to mirror part of their screen onto a USB connected device. The iOS community has had similar apps for some time. The application requires Android SDK to run. If you don’t know what that is, chances are… Read more