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OSCON will feature a host of Googlers at the end of July

If you’re in or around Portland, or will be from July 25th to 29th, and you’re interested in open source software, the Oregon Convention Center will be the place to be. O’Reilly’s 2011 OSCON (Open Source Convention) will be taking place there, and will be hosting a variety of workshops, keynotes, tutorials, and other geeky events. According to the… Read more

More information on Google Fishtank

Images via Geek At Google I/O 2011, The Big G requested ideas for the next generation of Google TV from developers. Outside of the title, “Fishtank,” which covers the title of the development program and functions as at least a preliminary moniker for the product itself, little information was given. Though, we do know that the system will run… Read more

AIR makes creating (simple) Android apps a snap

Of course the release of Adobe’s AIR runtime in the Android Market means that we all have a lot of great games and other apps headed our way, but the other side of the coin is that it just got a lot easier to create native Android apps. Want to upload your very own app to the Android Market but can’t be bothered with all that confusing code? Watch this… Read more

Google’s response to hacking of their app protection

Google announced their new app licensing system on July 27th. Less than a month later, on August 23rd, the system had been hacked and instructions on circumventing the security were posted online. As attention-grabbing as the announcement was, “Check it out: Google’s new DRM easily hacked!!!” Tim Bray reminds us – via the Android Developers Blog – that… Read more

Google’s Licensing system defeated?

Since Google’s announcement of a new app protection system last month, I’ve heard numerous complaints about the general approach of the protection: it requires a data connection, which isn’t always available for everyone. And while “Justin Case” of Android Police thinks Google’s LVL is the best copy protection for Android apps to date, he has found flaws -… Read more

New app licensing from Google

In response to developers’ complaints of unauthorized usage of their wares, Google has set up a licensing service, by which – via a set of libraries – an application can hit Google’s server, which stores sales records. Every time an app with this protection is launched, it checks with Google to be sure the copy is legit. The new system will replace the… Read more

PHP for Android adds a new Dimension to app development


Android app development is taking over iPhone and will soon go wild. However, the app development process is not as well defined as app development for Windows desktop yet. Though, this is sure to change once we see a sway of developers towards Android. Android app development using Java (on Eclipse) has gained wide popularity and is in the mainstream… Read more