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Report this! Android Application Error Reports

There are a lot of sweet, new user features in Android 2.2, also known as “FroYo”.  Whether your favorite is the updated camera app, the ability to tether your phone to share your broadband connection, or the tweaks to Exchange support, we can all agree that Android is continuing down the right path.  Personally, I don’t think there is a destination. … Read more

Mobile development with Ruby

Earlier today, I showcased an product that allows you to create native Android apps using JavaScript.  With a few extra lines of code, you’ll be able to build apps that can be deployed on several platforms. Now, Shawn Butler is introducing the developers, at MinneBar, to mobile development using Ruby.  Utilizing Rhodes, you’ll be able to code with the… Read more

Build native Android apps with JavaScript

Are you a web developer and want to jump into Android app developmeent?  Titanium Mobile can help.  Titanium is a software development kit that allows you to create apps using JavaScript, HTML,  CSS and native APIs.  Then you can compile it across multiple mobile platforms.  It allows you to utilize native UI elements, so your apps have a consistent… Read more

New Android SDK (r06) now available

In conjunction with the announcement of Android 2.2 (Froyo) at the Google I/O develepor’s conference, a new version of the Android software development kit has been released by Google. As indicated by the included read me file, some changes have been made this time around. Specifically, no version platforms are included. I guess there are just too many out… Read more

APPCON 2010: Mobile App Development Conference

If you’re a mobile developer, or are interested in mobile development, you need to attend APPCON.  APPCON is the world’s first conference dedicated to mobile app development.  There will be 40 sessions, spread across three days, covering a variety of topics like game development, location-based services, enterprise deployment, and the business side of… Read more