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Devour update


Don’t get too excited, Devour owners. Verizon is not bumping your firmware version with the “CALAND_X_o1.15.08P” over the air update. The software upgrade will improve performance and take care of some bugs though. Check out the installation instructions and a full list of changes over at VZW’s information page. Here is an… Read more

Devour now available

Motorola’s Devour is now available at Verizon stores and at their website for $149.99 with the activation of a new two year contract. The phone, which ships with Android 1.6, features a 3.1″, 320 x 480, HVGA screen; slide-out QWERTY; 3.0MP cam with video capture; optical trackpad; and MotoBlur. What do you think? Is $149 a good price for these budget specs?… Read more

Moto Devour going for $150 with no mail-in rebate

Good things come to people who wait. Especially for those who are interested in picking up a Devour. Did you go out and pre-order from Best Buy yet? Were you waiting to see the final pricing before you took the preemptive plunge? Well, do we have good news for you! Thanks to a tipster, a quick snapshot of a price tag has shown up, telling the world that the… Read more

Motorola Devour up for pre-order at Best Buy

Do you remember seeing Motorola’s Devour in the commercial that ran during the Super Bowl? Considering everything else that was going on, you might have needed to replay it a few times before you could get a real good look at the Droid’s little cousin. You did replay it, right? Well, if that commercial got you wanting the latest from Motorola’s line-up of… Read more

Motorola Devour Details

As the time flies by, the details on the Motorola Devour just keep rolling in. Just a couple days ago we got a glimpse of some promotional materials Verizon would get, and now we get an almost complete spec list. While the RAM/ROM are still rumored at 256/512MB, we now know for sure that it will be running on a Qualcomm MSM7627. The new processor… Read more

Devour in silver

The phone we used to know as Motorola’s Calgary is now Devour and we already knew that it would be Verizon’s cheap alternative to the Droid. Motoblur was also widely suspected, but we haven’t expected a silver device since those very early concept leaks. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been confirmed, so a lower screen rez, weaker specs, and the 3MP cam are likely… Read more

Calgary is Devour, headed for Verizon

The Droid’s little brother is ready to usher in a big year of Motorola Androids and hopefully represents the next step in the evolution of MotoBlur. It’s got a 3 MP cam, optical joystick, 3.5 mm audio jack, GPS, Wi-Fi, microSD, and should ship with Android 2.1 – Flan. CPU specs are not currently known. The budget phone is expected in the first… Read more