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The Humble Bundle For Android 4 Released

The Humble Bundle returns in its fourth iteration, containing five games for any price you want to pay. Just like every other Humble Bundle, you choose the price you pay. It can be anything from a penny to thousands of dollars. Of course, I hope you feel like an absolute jerk for paying a penny. They’re also downloadable on Macs, PCs, and Linux… Read more

For many devs, Android is still a dilemma

It’s rare that you’ll hear a software developer say anything negative about the Android platform itself. Finding a coder who will rave about what Google is doing and the implications of their mobile OS is much more common. But when it comes to running a successful app business, iPhone is still the place to be – at least for the programmers that have made a… Read more

Android app developer tutorial

Do you have an urge to get into Android app development but just aren’t sure where to start? Well, this video won’t help the absolute beginner: If you don’t know anything about the SDK or Eclipse, you’ve got some reading to do. However, if you have those two prerequisites installed and have an idea of how programming works, this video will take you through… Read more