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Bell Canada launches Motorola DEXT

Bell Canada recently announced the release of the Motorola DEXT.  This Android 1.5 packing device is the same as the CLIQ here in the States.  It has a 5 MP AF camera and slide out QWERTY keyboard.  $79.95 CAD isn’t a bad price for an Android smartphone these days. Bell launches the exclusive Android-powered Motorola DEXT™ featuring MOTOBLUR™:… Read more

2.1 on its way to Dext, Milestone

Thanks to The::Unwired for hanging out on Motorola’s Facebook page enough to catch the following post: “Attention Android lovers. The 2.0.1 update is on its way for all Milestone users. The Android 2.1 upgrade for Milestone is also on its way and will be ready in the next 2 months. We can confirm that Dext will get the Android 2.1 upgrade as… Read more

Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile): questions and requests

I’m back with another questions and requests series, and this time it’s all about MotoBlur. Well, that’s actually just where I thought the focus would be. It turned out that I got dozens of duplicate questions about how this device stacks up against the Behold II. A LOT of you wanted some definitive answers on updates. As of right now, I think the hacking… Read more

DEXT unboxed in the UK

Here’s a taste of the unboxing videos sure to pop up in the US in the coming weeks, although the box art is likely to differ. It’s the Motorola DEXT on the UK carrier, Orange. For those of us in America, the phone will be called Cliq, and will be on the T-Mobile network. Via… Read more

Noah Kravitz dives into Cliq

I couldn’t make it to San Francisco for what turned out to be the Cliq/Blur event, but Noah from PhoneDog was there and got some great footage while having a little fun with the demonstrator. Man, that guy is loose on camera. That’s a compliment. Coverage includes: happenings, back-up and security, messages from multiple sources, a look at the… Read more