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FCC Approves Dish Network’s Wireless Spectrum To Build LTE Network

Dish Network has finally been given the green light to build it’s 4G LTE wireless network. The FCC has approved Dish’s request to use its AWS-4 spectrum to build a 4G LTE network. What Dish Network plans to do with that spectrum is still up in the air. Dish says that it will consider its strategic options… meaning it hasn’t settled down on who it… Read more

Sprint Reportedly Gunning For Partnership With Dish Network

Sprint is apparently looking to partner up with Dish Network. Sprint has been said to have made an offer to Dish Network that would allow Sprint to share Dish’s unused wireless spectrum. Not only that, Sprint also proposed an agreement to make Dish Network an MVNO that would run on Sprint’s network, similar to Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile. Sprint… Read more

Verizon Wireless Is Not Interested In Dish Network Spectrum

Dish Network’s Chairman, Charlie Ergen, has been looking for a buyer for Dish’s wireless LTE spectrum. Investors have speculated that he can make a fortune if he sells off the wireless spectrum to one of the big 4 U.S. mobile carriers. Unfortunately for Ergen, the biggest of the 4, Verizon Wireless, has declined any interest in purchasing Dish’s LTE… Read more

D-Mobile your next wireless provider

The AT&T / T-Mobile merger has fallen through, but that doesn’t mean that T-Mobile isn’t looking mighty fine to others. One such suitor is Dish Network. The satellite provider had been considered as a potential candidate to take over divested T-Mobile assets from AT&T if the merger wasn’t approved. Funny how Dish was also one of the biggest… Read more

Dish Network sends out Google TV survey

When Google TV was officially announced at the search megalith’s I/O conference in May, there was mention of a partnership with satellite content provider, DIsh Network, to bring a seamless experience between existing Dish Network services and those provided by Google. And while you’ll soon be able to buy a Logitech set-top box called Revue for your Google… Read more

Dish Network content coming to Android

Dish Network has its figurative head screwed on straight. On board with Google TV, and having provided an app for control through iOS, soon DN will provide a dedicated app for watching programs on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Additional hardware will be required, and Dish Network provides in the form of a high-end set-top box that features HD, DVR,… Read more