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Pioneer Receivers Updated With HTC Connect Compatibility

HTC Connect, a DLNA streaming service built into many HTC phones (like the One series and its non-One brothers), is gaining some traction. Pioneer is releasing updates to its AV receivers today, adding HTC Connect compatibility for easy media streaming. Hit the source link to find out if your receiver will get the update. It’s too bad that HTC… Read more

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 gets DLNA certified

The elusive Verizon Motorola Droid 4. You’ve see plenty of articles that mention the phone so let’s add one more to that list. You know, just to keep the trend alive. Today, we see the Moto Droid 4 get its DLNA certification and if past tendencies are any indicator, this means that we should soon see the phone hit the market. This lines right up with the… Read more

HTC bringing DLNA to older HDTVs

For those of us with a current video game system and an HDTV, DLNA support is a foregone conclusion. But there is a large segment of the gadget buying public out there that couldn’t care less about gaming but would love to share media from their mobile phones with the television. Enter a new product from HTC internally called Tube. When discussing new… Read more