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Clambook Takes Motorola’s Webtop Idea To A Whole New Level

Clamcase has created the Clambook, an ultrabook without the guts. Very much like the Motorola Webtop docks, you plug in your phone and it will act like an internal display, keyboard, and trackpad. It’ll work with the iPhone, but is really optimized for Android. It has an MHL port, which will output audio and video, and will provide power to the phone…. Read more

ASUS PadFone Unboxing Video, Boxes Everywhere

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJyYPxd5wKM&feature=player_embedded The ASUS PadFone is one of the weirdest devices I’ve ever seen running Android. It’s a phone. But it has a tablet dock that you put the phone into to turn it into a fully functional 10.1″ tablet. And there is another keyboard dock that you dock the tablet dock into to make it into a… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus docks finally make an appearance

When the Galaxy Nexus was initially unveiled, people couldn’t help but notice the three pins on the side of the device. Everyone assumed that there would be some sort of dock shown off with the Galaxy Nexus, but we haven’t seen much at all. In fact, up until now, we haven’t seen any kind of docks for that dock connector on the side of the device. But thanks… Read more

Unboxed: Arkon universal docks/mounting kits

Just as I was contemplating the purchase of another car dock, this one to facilitate navigation and charging with my EVO 4G, I get a box at my door loaded with car mounting options: Dashboard mounts, windshield mounts, an air conditioner vent mount, and even a complete mounting surface. Now I just have to decide which one to use because each one works with… Read more

Nexus One car dock now available!

Check it out: for $55 you can now order Google’s official car dock (just click on “get your phone” and scroll down to accessories) for the Nexus One. It features a built-in speaker, volume controls, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Car Home app automatically loads when you snap your phone into this charging device, which can be mounted to the windshield or… Read more