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The Dog Park: Week Of 2-18

What a busy week! The biggest news was of course the announcement of the HTC One. HTC’s new flagship device sports the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 paired with 2GB of RAM, a unique Ultrapixel camera, and dual front facing speakers. It’s an impressive device and really captured a lot of hearts. Then there is the new Chromebook Pixel, the first Google-made… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of 2-11

It’s been quite an eventful week of news! The HTC M7 (or HTC One, as it is rumored to be named) has been leaked in numerous colors, as well as more info surfacing. We’re inching closer and closer to its announcement and we’ll bring you the news as it comes. There has also been a bunch of smaller news that may pique your interest. And of course, we… Read more

Daily Dog Park: July 25, 2012

So, you just got off work and you want to catch up on all the latest news in the world of Android? Well you came to the right place. The Daily Dog Park brings together the hottest news and reviews from the past 24 hours. Here’s what you need to know. OnLive Bringing Full Console Gaming To Google TV, time to get your game on. Android 4.1.1 Jelly… Read more

The Daily Dog Park For July 17th

It’s after 5PM, another work day is over, and there’s been a full day’s worth of Android news.  Here at DroidDog, we aim to bring to only the best Android and Google news.  It’s all excellent news, but our relatively new feature the “Daily Dog Park” brings you an end-of-day compilation of all the hot stories from the past 24 hours with news,… Read more

The Daily Dog Park for July 12th

It’s the evening of the 12th so you know what time it is? It’s time for the Daily Dog Park! Where we recap the hottest news of the day! Here’s what got the most attention today. The Samsung Galaxy S III is finally available from Verizon, just not the hacker friendly version. Sprint got its first non-nexus taste of Ice Cream Sandwich today on the… Read more

The Daily Dog Park For July 11th

It’s the second night of a brand new feature, the “Daily Dog Park” where we bring you an end-of-day compilation of all the days hot stories, news, reviews, and more. So what was hot today? The Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ edition is back in stock at the Google Play store, after a short absence. Nexus 7 sales are delayed until further notice at Office… Read more