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Ice Cream Sandwich Now Accounts For 7.1% Of All Android Devices

Google’s just released their newest set of Android OS distribution stats and we’re happy to see a small bit of growth for Ice Cream Sandwich as it now powers 7.1% of all Android devices. That’s an increase of 2.2% from May, which saw just 4.9% of all Android devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s likely that the release of HTC’s One X, S and V… Read more

Android distribution chart now includes Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier this morning, Google pulled the curtain off their latest Android distribution pie chart, showcasing just where each version of Android stands against another. In this latest version, we see some versions fall in statistics, while others climb their way up to prominence. What’s better, is that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has finally made its… Read more

1.6 and Google Navigation

Many of you know that Google Maps with navigation is now available to Android devices running version 1.6 – Donut. But for those who share the same days off as I do, here’s the lowdown: Google Nav on 1.6 does not allow voice commands such as “navigate to.” However, as explained at the Google Mobile Blog, you can create shortcuts on your homescreen… Read more

Get the most from Donut

Have you received your OTA update to Android 1.6 yet? If not, go to settings, about phone, system update. You may have just missed the notification. I just got mine today, but won’t be accepting the offer. I used the ROM resources in the DroidDog forums to grab my official T-Mobile update for rooted phones, but that’s not for everyone. Regardless of how… Read more

Donuts are on the way!

TMoNews has it on pretty good authority (that usually means you can take it to the bank) that Donut is on deck. Beginning at midnight (Oct 1st) select G1 owners with un-hacked devices will be getting Android 1.6 OTA! 24 hours later, if all goes well, myTouch owners will start to see the the notification. Of course, you all won’t get it at once. This thing… Read more

Android 1.6: Donut

CDMA, quick search, text-to-speech, an improved Market and support for more screen sizes and resolutions are on the menu. But will allowing devs to decide which displays to support cause compatibility headaches and envy? We’re hoping for an October release. Via… Read more

Donut at Googleplex

Here’s the new line-up outside of GoogHQ. Remember how they teased us with photos like this before the release of Cupcake? Of course, as 1.5 was then, the Donut update is now available – early – in the form of cooked ROMs. I’m starting to think they should replace the Android with a giant, proportionally correct bust of Homer Simpson…. Read more

The Android Market is getting a refresh (‘Bout time!)

It’s been a long time coming. But it looks like we’re finally about to have a good chunk of complaints regarding the Android Market addressed. I haven’t seen anything indicating app screenshots (have you?), but check out the slick new layout in these images from cnet. I’d say it looks much more polished and user-friendly than the raw app dump we’re all used… Read more