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Google Now Replaces Header With Valentines Day/Ferris Doodle

Usually, when you open Google Now, you see some sort of landscape up top matching the time of day. If you live in a big city like San Francisco, you see a special one (I see the Golden Gate Bridge). But today, on Valentines Day, Google has replaced it with the Doodle from their front page. This is both for Valentines Day and to honor the birthday or Mr…. Read more

Doodle Jump Updated With New Themes, Gameplay Stays The Same

Remember Doodle Jump? It was such a popular game 3 years ago. It was one of the first games I downloaded onto my iPhone 3G. Great times. I also played it on my Captivate, and boy was it enjoyable on that 4″ WVGA display. However, it hasn’t gotten an update in a while. The fad has died down. For old times sake, let’s go download it and honor it with one… Read more

Google birthday Doodles for all!

Google’s ever-changing home page logo, affectionately known as the Doodle, has been adapted for many notable events through the years, beginning with a custom graphic to celebrate Burning Man in 1998. Since then over 300 custom Doodles have appeared, observing holidays; acknowledging technological, social, political, and artistic contributions to our… Read more