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Google Announces 25 Billion App Downloads, 25 Cent Sale

A big, big round of applause for Google Play, now home to more than 675,000 apps and games which have led to an amazing feat with 25 billion downloads. To celebrate, Google is announcing an amazing sale over the next 5 days with 25 cent downloads from some of the world’s top developers including: Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and… Read more

Jelly Bean Wallpapers Pulled From SDK, Posted Online For All

With the Jelly Bean SDK already in the wild, we knew it was just a matter of time before someone uploaded downloads we’d all want pulled straight from the SDK. Thanks to the boys at XDA, the very first thing you can grab are wallpapers Google has designed for Jelly Bean. The file is just 2.2MB in size and has 12 wallpapers all found in the new Jelly… Read more

Midnight Poll: Do You Purchase Music From Google Play?

The Google Play Store is filled with all sorts of downloadable content. The idea that Apps, Games, Music, Books and Movies can all be consumed from a single place is revolutionary in its own right. However, Google has recently made a tremendous push to become a big-time player in the music space. Although, with third-party options like Amazon, Spotify,… Read more

An update on the Untethered Podcast

Hello, all! First things first. I’m here to extend an apology to you all. As you all probably know, we haven’t held an Untethered Podcast since December 29th. Sorry about that. Personally, I was moving across the state and trying to pack and prep for CES within a matter of two days. The next week, David and I were both at CES and constantly in search of… Read more

Untethered Podcast Episode 2 now available for download!

Hello, all. Just as I promised, it’s Thursday evening and here is the Untethered Podcast in case you missed our live show yesterday. This is the second episode and it features the man you all know and love, Evan Selleck, David from TmoNews, Joey Lehto and myself. We discuss everything from AT&T backing out of their bid for T-Mobile to tablets,… Read more

DroidDog OSX Dashboard widget

Big thanks and shoutout to DroidDog reader Dan H. who hooked us up with our very own OSX Dashboard widget! To install: 1.) Click here to download the 455 k .zip file. 2.) Double-click the DroidDog-OSX-Dashboard-Widget.zip file to extract it. 3.) Double click the widget file (seen above) and then click “keep” on the widget. Yay. Screenshot… Read more