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Google Drive Updated, Adds Needed Features Like Spreadsheet Editor

Google Drive is a nice app, but it is missing quite a few features. For example, I still can’t easily download photos from the Drive app to my phone. But a few new features were added to the app today, making it a lot more useful than before. A big new feature is the ability to edit spreadsheets. This feature was sorely needed for those who used… Read more

AT&T And Amazon Forage Into The Cloud Storage Space

It looks like both Amazon and AT&T are taking a dive into the cloud storage game. It makes sense for Amazon, as they are pretty much based in the cloud. But it is an interesting move for AT&T. Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5GB of free storage, with further pricing options available (like 20GB for only $10 a year). That’s about in line with the… Read more

[How To] Run Games Off A USB Drive On The Nexus 7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dWqLjnCSBg&feature=youtube_gdata The Nexus 7 has two downfalls: A small amount of onboard memory, and no microSD card slot. With just a few games installed, your tablet will be out of memory, especially if it’s the 8GB model. So what do you do? Run the games off of a USB drive of course. And we’re here to tell you how… Read more

Google Fiber Launched In Kansas City, Pre-Register Now!

Google Fiber is now arriving! While not quite ready, they have opened it up to pre-registering. However, it’s not as easy as that. To get Fiber in your area, you’ll have to rally your neighbors to pre-register along with you. If enough people do so, Google will buid a fiber infrastructure there and the whole neighborhood can use it! So when you’re… Read more

Google Docs Now Offers Offline Document Editing

Google Docs is a very important service for many (this blogger included), but has never had the ability to edit documents offline. Google is changing that today, as they have just announced at Google I/O that offline document editing is now available. Google is creating a nifty office within its own service, and it’s good to see that they care about the… Read more

Google Drive vs Dropbox Showdown [Video]

With the recent arrival of Google Drive, there’s no question that the service is similar to the reigning cloud backup king, Dropbox. So how exactly do the two compare? After nearly 20 hours of being on Google Drive’s “waiting list,” we’re in. Here’s the full comparison, with video! Web App Both Drive and Dropbox have web apps that allow you to… Read more