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Google Music Beta: first impressions

It’s silly to complain about technological inconveniences these days, and I’m not about to. But I have to admit that, despite the amazing capability we have to carry around the stunning performances of brilliant musicians, valuable spoken words of inspiring public figures, or an author’s inimitable reading of their masterpiece tome–centuries worth of… Read more

Amazon Appstore’s DRM policy goes under fire

What would normally be a mundane blog post from the Amazon Developer Blog on Digital Rights Management has turned into just the opposite thanks to some sticky wording. It would appear that Amazon is expecting users to be logged into the Amazon Appstore every time they use an app that has DRM tied to it. The exact wording is as follows: “Any app that… Read more

DoubleTwist: Big Brother

John Edgar wants me to be sure I’m giving proper time to Amazon’s media solutions. They are working on it, but it seems to me there’s still a ways to go before for a single app that can manage existing libraries. If the Amazon MP3 Downloader and Unbox Video Player aren’t enough for you/you don’t use Windows, DoubleTwist is what you need. Back to work. This… Read more