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DROID 2 World Edition in the flesh

It’s alivveeee!! The DROID 2 World Edition has become quite an odd device for the DROID Does duo of Verizon and Motorola; By all accounts, it’s nothing more than a DROID 2 with international travel capabilities. In fact, the original DROID 2 is said to only be available “while supplies last,” and will be replaced by the DROID 2 WE when it launches…. Read more

@DroidLanding: 62.5% of the lost plans are now recovered

Just a quick heads up, in case you haven’t been playing along with the DroidLanding Twitter account and their win an R2-D2 promotion, the contest is roughly 62.5% of the way over. Here’s how the contest works: @DroidLanding will tweet out a missing Attack Pattern plan. Usually, this will be accompanied by a tiny URL linking you to an Artoo audio file…. Read more

DROIDLanding: R2D2 edition

The fine folks from Verizon and @DroidLanding are at it again everyone, and this time, your very own astromech droid is on the line. Today the DroidLanding Twitter account tweeted out for the first time since July 26th with the hashtag #AttackPatternAlpha, and this corresponding link. To quote the account: “The Droid R2-D2 schematics are scattered across… Read more

DROID 2 rooted

It may not be a one-tap affair as of yet, but the DROID 2 has been rooted and you can get your hack on by following this thread at xda-developers (at your own risk, of course). You need to have the Android SDK and Motorola drivers installed. After that, just fire up ADB, enter the listed commands faithfully, and enjoy root access. Or, you could wait until… Read more

DROID 2 update

Verizon has just announced a minor software bump for the DROID 2 today that features quite a few improvements that should make a noticeable difference in your day-to-day experience. The software, version.2.2.20.A955.Verizon.en.US/BP: BP_C_01.09.05P, is said to be rolling out now via OTA update and will include the following: – Streamlined setup of Visual… Read more

DROID 2 commercial

DROID does advertizing. If there’s one thing that sets the Motorola DROID series apart from the other Androids on Verizon Wireless (or any other network for that matter), it’s the Hollywood blockbuster grade web and television video campaign that has propelled the gadgets – as well as Google’s operating system – into mainstream consciousness. And it doesn’t… Read more

DROID 2 [Verizon] preview and initial thoughts

As the rumored DROID 2 launch date drew closer, I knew I’d eventually get the standard issue DM of “come get a phone”. Like clockwork, I received said DM yesterday morning. I said it on twitter, and I’ll say it again; If the DROID X and the original DROID made a baby, it’s name would be DROID 2.  This is the first Android phone to be a true… Read more

R2-DROID2 out and about

The R2-D2 edition of the DROID 2 was outed today in picture form, and it looks to be the real thing. If you will kindly take note of the picture provided, you will notice the the overlay picture in red (bottom right corner) matches up exactly with the device you see. If this is it, I’m sold. Even the camera and flash are made to fit right in. Pure genius… Read more

DROID 2 Live Wallpaper leaked

Literally seconds after I posted on Droid-Life’s DROID 2 hands-on video, people were asking me if I knew where to get the great Live Wallpaper seen on the device. I had no idea, until three people sent me a link within five minutes of each other. (Thanks, guys!) You can grab your .apk over at xda-developers. Here’s a quick vid of the LWP on my DROID X… Read more

DROID 2 hands on video

And here comes Droid-Life once again with the Verizon insider info – in this case, a hands-on video with Motorola’s upcoming DROID 2. You can see several DROID 2-specific customizations, including the unlock screen and Live Wallpaper. DROID 2, which became available for pre-sale today, could turn out to be the hottest Android since the original DROID. I… Read more