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DROID 2 running Froyo, MOTOBLUR in the wild

Droid-Life is at it again with the solid leaks and crisp images. This time, we’ve got a look-see at none other than the DROID 2 running Android 2.2. It’s a deuce trifecta! So now, those of you that were holding out for a VZW DROID with a hardware keyboard, or, that were holding out for Froyo on a Verizon flagship, have plenty to be excited about. It also… Read more

Official DROID 2 images leaked, dummy for sale

It’s not like we haven’t seen Motorola’s DROID 2 before, but this could be could be our first gander at official press release shots. An Engadget tipster discovered some images inside a Shockwave Flash File while digging around the DroidDoes website. Below them, you’ll see a snap of a DROID 2 dummy model (the kind you see in store displays), which offers a… Read more

Verizon summer catalog leaked; DROID 2 inside

It’s not like we didn’t know the DROID 2 was coming, but, it’s still nice to see some conformation. In a summer device catalog leak BGR got their hands on, you can find pictures of the DROID 2 in all it’s glory, along with some specs: 8GB memory card preinstalled, 5 megapixel camera, 3G Mobile Hotspot functionality, and 1GHz CPU Sounds just about like… Read more

Hands on with the DROID 2

Taylor from Android and Me struck gold when Motorola’s upcoming DROID 2 “somehow fell into lap,” and he decided to put the phone through its paces over on his site – specifically, that snappy 1GHz processor. Regarding the design and styling of the phone, Taylor says that you probably wouldn’t even notice someone using the DROID 2 out on the streets because… Read more

DROID 2 turns up…at NASA


A Gizmodo tipster dropped one of the better leak stories I’ve heard late last night. As a summer intern at NASA’s JPL, Giz reader Zach was lucky enough to attend a technology show at the laboratory. Oddly enough, companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sprint and Verizon were on the scene with product demonstration booths. Being a DROID owner, Zach wandered over… Read more