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Verizon’s Summer, Fall 2012 Roadmap Leaked?

We’re going to ask you to take this story with a grain of salt as BGR states they’ve received tips from a Verizon insider highlighting Verizon’s Fall, Summer 2012 roadmap. Except, this doesn’t seem like much of a roadmap so our guess is that Verizon has a lot more in store than what’s rumored here. First and foremost, BGR claims Verizon will indeed… Read more

Motorola DROID Fighter reportedly spied in the wild

We’ve heard about the DROID Fighter in the past, even if actual information regarding the device’s specifications is pretty much non-existent at this point. But, that hash’t stopped someone out there from taking a picture of what is believed to be the newest DROID-branded device from Motorola, coming down Verizon’s pipe at some point this year. As far as… Read more

DROID Fighter and LG Cayman for Verizon find their names listed on leaked device workshop list

For those of you under Verizon’s wing, you may be wondering when the next big phone release is. It’s no secret that Big Red has been pretty quiet as of late, keeping whatever new phones are coming down the pipe (which are rumored to be plenty) under a pretty tight wrap. Well, thanks to a leak sent over to Droid-Life, it looks like we can start to expect at… Read more