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DROID 2 lands custom ROM

It may not be much, but it’s a start. Thanks to DroidLife forum user Matt4542, the Motorola DROID 2 now has a custom ROM Floating around the web. The ROM, titled Epic 1.1, is pretty basic. The highlights include removed bloat-ware, some added scripts, and build.prop mods. To install, the instructions are pretty simple: To install need root and… Read more

Motorola: There’s no turning from DROID X Froyo leak

In a recent DROID X related post by a Motorola Support Forums moderator, several “things to know” have gone live today including some pretty interesting news regarding those of you applying that leaked 2.2 upgrade that hit the web a little over a week ago. “There is currently no upgrade path from that load to the official 2.2 load that will be released… Read more

“Real HDMI” fix for DROID X

If you are an A/V hound and own a DROID X, or you watched my video comparing the HDMI abilities of the current flagship Androids, then you know that the DROID X, for which Verizon sells an HDMI cable at $30, had very limited support for the feature, relegating the port to an enticing selling point and not much else. “I can look at my gallery on HDTV via the… Read more

DROID X running Android 2.2 Sapphire AOSP ROM

Despite being one heck of a nut to crack, the DROIX X has been rooted, has been host to a custom recovery, and now, is apparently accepting foreign ROMs. Below is a video of the device booting the Android 2.2 Sapphire AOSP ROM. Although no step-by-step guide has been produced as of yet, this signals progress in the DROID X hacking process and it can only be… Read more

Froyo running on the DROID X UPDATE

If you own a DROID X and you have been dying to get your hands on 2.2 for the device, your time has finally come. Thanks to three forums members over at MyDroidWorld, a ROM has been leaked for the device, which is fairly simple to install. Of course, you need to be rooted AND running a stock recovery to flash the build. Before I get into the instructions,… Read more

Motorola to fix DROID X volume woes

A company admitting they’re wrong? You don’t say. Over at the Motorola support forums, a mod by the name of Matt has come out and said that Motorola is acknowledging the volume for some notifications being too low. He goes on to say that there will be a fix released shortly and then provides a list of the top ten loudest ringtones. The list is as… Read more

Froyo running on the DROID X? Video proof

Call me suspicious, but… well just call me suspicious. There is a thread over on the Android Central forums that has a poster asking how to root his DROID X on a Mac… on 2.2. After watching the video, it’s pretty obvious that this is real, it’s just that the question of how still remains. Not everything is working properly, and the build number just… Read more

Breon’s Motorola DROID X [Verizon] full written review

Preface This review is way overdue.  Since I have the device longer than I normally do, I wanted to give it a full workout as a daily phone.  Then, there was rumors that an update was released for the DROID X.  So, I waited for that.  Then, life happened.  Without further….le review. <insert my generic intro here> If you’ve read any of my… Read more

Root me, unroot me: simple hacks for DROID X

It’s probably best that I don’t have a Windows box and that I don’t trust a virtual Windows machine when it comes to hacking phones. I have a habit of hacking phones before finishing coverage of stock features. The DROID X, which I just brought home yesterday, now enjoys the one-click rooting that we’ve seen turn up for so many other devices. The first… Read more

Motorola DROID X [Verizon] Unboxing

As many of you likely know, the DROID X is sold out and Best Buy doesn’t know the phones are coming until they’re actually at the dock…or coming out of the bulk boxes. I was lucky enough to get the call on my pre-order today, after waiting rather impatiently, and I have to say that this one appears to be worth the wait. Stay tuned to DroidDog for more… Read more