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DroidLanding hints get real

Those of you following the DroidLanding Twitter account with hopes of snatching up a DROID X free of charge have likely experienced a bit of frustration and disappointment with previous clues dropped via vague tweets like, “Droid X designate #18 was last seen near interstate 80. Drivers are advised to stay alert,” and “Droid X designate #15 is near… Read more

DROID X arriving already?

It seems like it was just yesterday (it was) when we heard that Best Buy was giving out the white EVO 4G about a week early. Apparently, this is now a trend. Some lucky few who have ordered the DROID X are officially getting their device today, about a week early. It’s being said that @DroidLanding has something to do with this, and it’s just a viral… Read more

DROID X [Verizon] preview and initial impressions

Yesterday I received this DM on Twitter: “Have DROID X can you get here by 2 p.m.?”.  Needless to say, I was in my car and on the road as quickly as humanly possible. First Impressions: Usable – It has a 4.3″ screen, like the EVO.  However, the DROID X form factor seems to make it a little easier to use.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hard to… Read more

DROID X up for preorder

Ah, such is the order of life. Leaks > announcement > preorder > release. The DROID X has finally reached it’s next phase of life, preorder. You can go to Best Buy now and get ready to grab the device for a cool 2 Bennys ($199) with, of course, no mail in rebate. Man I love that. If I was on Verizon, I couldn’t possibly think of a better phone to… Read more

DROID X turned inside out, (over)exposed to the world

droid x

After being exposed to the world by Joshua Topolski of Engadget on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (second video embedded below), the DROID X may be experiencing a bit of overexposure in the tech world. The device’s system dump has been leaked via the Android Central forums, and the phone’s bundled apps are being tested on various gadgets. The multitouch… Read more

X marks the spot; DROID× press conference recap

Another press conference comes and goes.  This time, Verizon and Motorola get to shine with the Motorola DROID×.  Google and Adobe were also on hand to share some love. Each company had a chance to talk about some amazing accomplishment for Android.  Andy Rubin of Google said that  160,000 Android powered devices are sold everyday.  Adobe said that… Read more

Live blogging…er tweeting the DROID× event


UPDATE: Live Blogging won’t happen this time. Follow me on Twitter. @breon for updates. This AM I received an email from my Verizon contact, with an invitation to the DROID× press conference webcast.  That being said, I’ll be live blogging and/or tweeting all of the details as soon as I have them.  I’m working with John to figure out how we can do… Read more

DROID X lands commercial spot UPDATE

I think it’s finally happening. We all knew that there would come a time in the cell phone industry, where because of leaks and competition, carriers and manufacturers would have to get the official word out on unreleased devices sooner than they would have liked. Even something as small as a 16 second teaser trailer is enough to hold some people off from… Read more

DROID DOES: Verizon Droid X “coming soon”

“Everything iDon’t, DROID does.” Remember that one? Of course you do, I mean, who could forget? When Verizon first launched the Moto Droid, it felt like the world started paying attention to the word Android. I will always stand by my theory that if Verizon never launched the Droid and the onslaught of advertising that followed, Android would be nowhere… Read more

Droid X gets pegged, July 19th

Who here likes rumored release dates?! Yay! The boys over at Droid Life have been ALL over this device so it should come as no surprise that they end up being the ones who land the first rumored release date. They say that the lucky day will be July 19th. On the 18th, Verizon staff is being told to get all their DROID signage out and to be ready for… Read more