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HTC Scribe to be shown at MWC

The rumor factory that is Digitimes has churned out something rather believable today, this time on the ever mysterious HTC Scribe. According to components manufacturers, HTC is believed to display their 7″ dual-core tablet at Mobile World Congress, February 14-17. Earlier rumors pegged CES as the venue for the Scribe’s release, but as of right now… Read more

DROID XOOM to come without 4G

Motorola’s dual-core Honeycomb packin’ tablet has been subject to leaks and rumors as far back as at least September. Since then, the device has gone through so many names, it’s hard to keep up with them. We’ve heard Stingray for a long time, MZ600, MotoPad, Everest, Trygon… just about the only one we haven’t heard is the new title given to the device… Read more