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Here Is The Winner Of The HTC One From DroidDog And AT&T!

We recently had a giveaway for the famous HTC One, and we have a winner! We asked you to tell us what your favorite feature is on the One, and how you’d use it, in 20 words or less. His response was, “My favorite feature is the ZOE camera mode. I am going to make the best cat .gifs ever seen!” Very clever, but now he owes us those .gifs. Here is… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 25th

It was an exciting week for those living in the UK, as the sought after HTC One finally launched! But with supply shortages, many people won’t be able to get them. And with the Galaxy S 4 launching soon, a lot of people will end up waiting. On top of that, T-Mobile has made a lot of big changes that might just change the way carriers work in the US. It… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 18th

The rumors about smartwatches are going crazy. Not only is Samsung confirmed in making a smartwatch, we have rumors of Apple, LG, and even Google joining in. Are smartwatches really that desired? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to see what they have in store! In bad news, the HTC One has been delayed. We don’t know if HTC can afford to release their… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of 2-11

It’s been quite an eventful week of news! The HTC M7 (or HTC One, as it is rumored to be named) has been leaked in numerous colors, as well as more info surfacing. We’re inching closer and closer to its announcement and we’ll bring you the news as it comes. There has also been a bunch of smaller news that may pique your interest. And of course, we… Read more

Dima’s DogGone Best Phones Of 2012

2012 has been a great year for Android and technology as a whole. It was the dawn of the quad core, the 720p HD display (and now even the 1080p display), and the reinvention of Android. Despite Ice Cream Sandwich being released in late 2011, it didn’t catch on until manufacturers started pushing out updates to devices that were actually popular (no… Read more

The Daily Dog Park For July 17th

It’s after 5PM, another work day is over, and there’s been a full day’s worth of Android news.  Here at DroidDog, we aim to bring to only the best Android and Google news.  It’s all excellent news, but our relatively new feature the “Daily Dog Park” brings you an end-of-day compilation of all the hot stories from the past 24 hours with news,… Read more

Want To Write For DroidDog? We’re Looking For News Editors!

DroidDog is always looking to expand, but to do so we need to make sure that we cover all the latest news. We’re looking for people with a passion for writing, and are fans of everything Android. If you could describe yourself with those two traits, then keep on reading. What we’re looking for: People who love to write. This job is all writing, all… Read more

Win a GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

Not too long ago, we reviewed the GSM-based version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So you know that we think the Galaxy Nexus is the best Android phone out there right now (and could be for a little while into the New Year, too). We’ve known ever since we received the GSM version of the device that we were going to give it away to our fantastic readers, and… Read more