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General Mobile DSTL1 unboxing

This gadget is a bundle of contradictions. It’s got some useful accessories that make me wonder why all phones aren’t packaged with such foresight, but some incredibly weak spots that kill the buzz. For example, two 1200 mAh batteries and a wall charger allow you to juice one pack and drain the other simultaneously. There’s a MicroSD adaptor for easy… Read more

General Mobile DSTL1

Specs: 624MHz processor; TFT/ WQVGA/ 260K Colors/ 3.0″ SHARP® Brand Touchscreen Display/ 240 x 400 pixels; Bluetooth 2.0 + A2DP; WiFi; 4GB memory / 256MB flash + 128MB SDRAM; 5mp auto-focus camera; 1200mAH battery Released: August 2009 US Cost: $449 through… Read more