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HTC Further Confuses Us With Newly Announced One SV

Back when HTC announced their One line of phones, we had a lot of hope. We thought HTC would stop releasing a ton of phones at once and focus on only a few. This was shown to us with the new lineup: One X, One S, and One V. High end, mid end, and low end: all demographics are represented (except those who like keyboards, but that time is over). However,… Read more

Chinese Phone Manufacturer Big Cola Delivers $160 5″ Phone

Big Cola may be a funny sounding name, but the brand is bringing out the big guns. They’re offering a 5″ Android phone for only 999 yuan, or about $160. And unlike most phones at that price point, it packs a punch. With its weakest point being the display, it still manages to offer a 5″ qHD 960×640 screen at the same 3:2 ratio as older iDevices. It also… Read more

Editorial: Why A Snapdragon S4 Galaxy S III Is Awesome

Editors Note: This is a reprint from an article appearing last night on TmoNews.com, though I believe it applies to all possible variants of the Galaxy S III regardless of your carrier of choice. Happy reading! Yesterday, we found out the full specifications of the Galaxy S III for AT&T and T-Mobile USA. And many of you were disappointed that… Read more

Meizu MX to launch 01/01/2012

The dual-core procession keeps getting longer. Joining the line with a sleek two-tone design is the Meizu MX. The dual-core (Samsung Exynos 4210 1.4GHz), noise cancelling, 4-inch display-totin’ smartphone hits mainland China starting at ¥2,999 ($470). Other notable specifications: 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM, pentaband 3G with HSPA+, and support for FLAC for all… Read more

Motorola Droid X2 caught on video, again

The most recent videos and pictures of the Motorola Droid X2 that have surfaced online have left much to be desired. They’ve been incredibly poor quality, and they leave too much to the imagination. Fortunately, thanks to the guys from over at TechnoBuffalo, that’s no longer the case. Not only are there pictures galore — with some great… Read more