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Mobile Digital TV crashing Android party in 2012

In South Korea, digital media has be broadcasted to the masses without the need for cable to deliver content. So, DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) services are available on a huge range of phones (even ones that are several years old), tablets, and other PMPs. Well, it looks like we’re going to be getting a taste of that action very soon. Dyle, a company… Read more

MetroPCS to bring Samsung Android device with mobile TV in 2012

Samsung, the Suwon-based manufacturer, has been in the mobile industry for quite some time. In Korea, where they started their journey, DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) is pretty much a standard service on their phones on the peninsula. What is DMB you ask? It is mobile TV and yes, we need it here in the states. It looks like they’re ready to bring live TV… Read more