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Nook Color likely dropping this week, image leaked

Barnes & Noble’s NYC event this week will coincide nicely with the release of a Nook software update that focuses on synch and performance enhancements, like a faster page turn. But the Nook 2, long referred to as Project Encore, looks to be bringing more to the table than a couple of new bullet points and tweaks. The image below turned up in the… Read more

Barnes & Noble Nook on shelves at WalMart starting 10/24

Right in line with next week’s big event in New York City, Barnes & Noble has announced that starting on Sunday, October 24th both the 3G/WiFi and the WiFi-only versions of their Nook e-readers will be available at WalMart. Price points have not been disclosed. Another detail missing from the release is what version of the product we will be snatching up… Read more

Barnes & Noble’s NYC event likely to bear Nook 2

I loves me some Nook news, and there will be plenty to go around this holiday season. After announcing the November release of Nook software version 1.5, which primarily addresses performance and cross-platform synching, B&N sent out invitations to a “very special event” that will take place next week in their Time Square shop, NYC. No invite in my mailbox,… Read more

Barnes & Noble e-reader app coming to Android

This weekend was all about e-readers for me. After quite struggling with reading long texts on my mobile phones, I’ve decided that just isn;t the way I want to enjoy books. So I went on a hunt to try out as many full-sized e-book readers as possible. I played with Barnes & Noble’s Nook, the Android-powered gadget with an e-ink screen for reading and a… Read more

Android-powered Nook syncs with iPhone, BlackBerry, and, uh…..

EDIT: An Android client will be released eventually, but not before the launch of Nook. I missed the blurb in one of the press documents. This is exciting to me. I really don’t spend enough time reading for pleasure anymore, and an Android e-reader just might give me a valid excuse to spend work time buried in a true crime murder mystery the latest… Read more