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Gigabyte enters e-reader race with EB10

It seems like e-readers are the new gotta-have-one product for OEMs that want to feel like they’re running in the big race, and I don’t think we’ve heard of a new one in at least three days. Enter Gigabyte with their Samsung 667 MHz processor equipped “world’s first Android e-ink device…I mean, the first World’s first that has ever seen.” Clearly, what… Read more

Entourage Edge and Spring Design Alex

Today at CES, chipset maker Marvell was spotted showing off two ready-to-go Android powered E-readers, the Entourage Edge and the Spring Design Alex. Entourage Edge The Entourage Edge, an interesting looking Android powered “dualbook”, has been given an official release date of February 2010 for somewhere in the neighborhood of $490. While that… Read more