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LG E960 AKA Nexus 4 Manual Confirms Nexus 4 Name, Available Sizes

At some point we’re going to start asking if LG and/or Google are intentionally trying to boost the hype surrounding the Nexus 4 given the non-stop leak-a-thon that has taken place in the last few weeks. As if losing the phone in a bar wasn’t bad enough, the LG Australian and UK websites have published the support manual for the LG E960, which by… Read more

Two New Photos Of The Possible LG E960 Nexus Leak, Could Be The Phone We’re Looking For

Just yesterday we posted photos of a purported LG Nexus device, going by the model number of E960. Today we’re back at it again, as two new photos of the device have leaked. This time around, they’re a little more clear, and the Nexus design cues are really starting to show. There’s some new info on the specs as well, and they’re not exactly for the… Read more