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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Launches For Android Today

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is seeing a simultaneous launch on both consoles and mobile devices, which is an awesome strategy. This game is made with the same name as an older NFS released in 2005, as a throwback to the old police chases and the good times when NFS was a great racing series. And hey, it may very well great again, I will always give it… Read more

Deal Alert – Tetris Is Free On the Amazon Appstore

Classic puzzle game Tetris is a beloved favorite and one of the few games that is literally available on every single gaming platform out there. Well if you have yet to pick up the title, it is currently available for free on the Amazon Appstore just for today. This version of the classic, made by EA, adds a few new twists to the original, such as a… Read more

EA To Bring Origin Game Client To Android

EA is a big name in the gaming world, with franchises like Battlefield and Mass Effect in its pocket. On the PC side of things, they operate a client known as Origin. Origin is much like Steam, for those familiar, and is an option to purchase, organize and launch games. It sounds like EA is looking to expand Origin, as they will be launching it for a… Read more

EA Reveals Real Racing 3, Car Buffs Rejoice

Electronic Arts has officially unveiled the newest iteration in its Real Racing franchise. In addition, the studio has also released a “pre-alpha” trailer showing off some of the incredible detail and hard work that was put into the game. Real Racing 3 will feature countless cars from several brand-name manufacturers and a slew of actual tracks like… Read more

Game Makers Are Pulling Titles From Google+, Why?

Google+ just lost the support of two high-profile casual game developers, PopCap and Wooga over speculation that social network has failed to make any real penetration in the social gaming market. Electronic Art’s owned PopCap confirmed it would “redeploy resources” previously assigned to its Bejeweled title, while Wooga has warned it will be… Read more

Samsung and EA offering Dead Space for free

Samsung and EA are teaming up to offer a late holiday treat, and are offering the premium game Dead Space for free in the Samsung App store. For anyone unfamiliar, Dead Space is a first person shooter game with some horror thrown in. The has already going on for awhile, and Samsung tends to keep these brief. If you own a Samsung device with Samsung Apps,… Read more

Skip levels with Angry Birds cheat

I’m reluctant to help anyone jump over the more difficult stages that I fought hard to pass in Angry Birds (the publishing company of which, incidentally, now belongs to EA), but I’ve caved into a few game cheats in my day so it’s only right that I pass this along. Droid-Life shows us the way (via a hack found at Reddit) and it’s pretty darn simple,… Read more