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Samsung Predicts Quarterly Profit Of $7.7 Billion

Samsung has been seeing record breaking profits five quarters in a row, and their success is undeniable. But their prediction for the first quarter of the year is 8.7 trillion won in profits, which is about $7.7 billion. This is up a whole 53% from last year, which was 5.7 trillion won. Their shipments of smartphones has also risen. Analysts predict… Read more

Google Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings, $14.42 Billion

Google’s fourth quarter earnings are out, and they’re very impressive. In the last three months of 2012, they made a total of $14.42 billion. This is a 36% increase over last year’s fourth quarter and an 8% increase since last quarter. If Motorola is included in the profits, it comes out as $15.24 billion. Read through the entire report if you’re… Read more

Verizon Gets Record Amount Of Subscribers, Profit Loss Continues

Verizon is on a roll lately, as they have caught (and trapped for two years) 2.1 million subscribers and set a record for fourth quarter smartphone activations. In fact, they activated 9.8 million smartphones in the course of only three months (6.2 million were iPhones, surprisingly). That’s very impressive, but it does come with some bad news. Despite… Read more

LG Mobile Announces Its 3rd Quarter Performance – Company Praises “Solid” Earnings with $138.57M In Net Profit

LG, the company behind the rumored upcoming Nexus 4, has released their 3rd Quarter earnings earlier today. Unlike Google, however, these were not released early nor does it show an unexpected decline in profits. The company that everybody seems to either love or hate at the moment reported what it referred to as a “solid third-quarter… Read more

Google’s Earnings Released Early, Stock Plummets 9%

Google’s Q3 earnings have been released early, causing stock to drop a massive 9%. According to the Google Investor Relations Google+ account, their financial printer, RR Donnelley, filed a draft of their earnings statement without authorization, very early. Considering how much their stock plummeted, they have ceased trading on NASDAQ until they can… Read more

Samsung Made The Big Bucks In Q2 Of 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was easily the most anticipated phone this year, and now Samsung has some numbers to back it up. Total operating profit came in at a large $5.86 billion, with one major factor pushing the number: smartphone sales. Leading phones included the aforementioned Galaxy S III, along with the mystical phablet Galaxy Note. With the Galaxy… Read more