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T-Mobile G2X makes its way through eBay

Every now and then, before a new phone comes out, you’ll see one pop up on eBay for a ridiculous amount of money. Such is the case with the T-Mobile LG G2X. Advertised as sealed in the box, available in hand, the eBay auction was listed at $999 “buy it now,” and sold for a best offer of $799. According to the listing, the device being sold is a “Dark… Read more

eBay application now available in Android Market

Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk, and had this insatiable desire to check eBay? Or, maybe you’ve been bidding on a brand new Android device for the last few hours, and suddenly you need to go run and take the dog for a walk. You don’t want to miss a second, lest you be out-bid and miss out on obtaining a brand new toy. Thankfully, eBay has come… Read more