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Kyocera Echo and LG Marquee receiving minor updates

Remember Kyocera’s “revolutionary” Echo? The one that turned into a major dud? Looks like Kyocera and Sprint aren’t abandoning the handset after all. A new update is now rolling out, and includes security fixes (Carrier IQ, anyone?). It also brings some fixes to the MMS system, and the activation of a Commercial Mobile Alert System. The Echo is not… Read more

Kyocera Echo coming April 17th at $199

Just four days after the Echo was seen hanging around the FCC, Sprint has announced pricing and availability for the dual-screen Android. Starting March 26th, Sprint customers can reserve the Kyocera Echo, set to release April 17th. The final price after a two-year contract will be $199. Just in case you’ve already forgot, here’s a rundown of the… Read more

Dual-screen sporting Kyocera Echo lands FCC approval

If you think long and hard back to beginning of February, you might remember the Kyocera Echo. Sprint got together with David Blaine and threw a huge shindig for the interesting device with the dual-screen claim to fame. Well it’s now been just a little over a month since the Echo was first announced, and it has officially passed through the FCC. Filed… Read more