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It’s the Eclair delivery team!

Amidst scattered talk of a serious 2.0 release delay (like Q2 of 2010), a few videos have popped up from Google HQ – videos of the latest addition to the Android art installation on the Googleplex lawn. Does this mean Droid will ship with 2.0? Are multi-touch and Google Maps 4.0 just around the corner for the rest of us? My guess is that videos like these… Read more

Is HTC birthing a fire-breathing Dragon?

Check this out. I don’t have any hardware images, but I do have a couple of specs and some screenshots. Nothing in the way of processor or memory, but with a name like Dragon and our source’s use of the words “GAME CHANGER,” one would hope that this thing will pack a wallop. We have to take this for what it is at the moment; ten screen grabs. But the… Read more

The Android Market is getting a refresh (‘Bout time!)

It’s been a long time coming. But it looks like we’re finally about to have a good chunk of complaints regarding the Android Market addressed. I haven’t seen anything indicating app screenshots (have you?), but check out the slick new layout in these images from cnet. I’d say it looks much more polished and user-friendly than the raw app dump we’re all used… Read more