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Notion Ink Adam demo: Solaro educational software

Although Notion Ink’s Adam tablet is off to a bit of a rocky start due to pre-order shipping delays, the gadget itself is the object of much anticipation and high hopes. Adam is dressed to impress with a custom user interface known as Eden and from what we’ve seen, it doesn’t disappoint. NI is setting expectations high with epic monikers such as Eden and… Read more

Notion Ink Adam shipments delayed

Notion Ink’s Adam tablet, which features what appears to be a super-friendly Eden UI, has missed its anticipated ship date for pre-orders. Customers willing to jump in early were supposed to see their Adams this week, with January 10th set as the target date for shipments to begin. But Notion Ink has run into a little problem: Though the tablet headed… Read more

Video: Notion Ink Eden – Mail’d

Notion Ink’s Adam and its custom version of Android–Eden–are looking better and better. Notion Ink released another video today, this one demonstrating their tablet optimized email app, Mail’d. Contact management, multiple accounts, attachments, and other common “desktop activities” seem to be manageable if not easy, and the interface and animations are… Read more

Video: Notion Ink Adam demo

Notion Ink is taking Android tablets in a new direction with their custom user experience, dubbed Eden. Not only have they implemented some aesthetic UI tweaks, but they’ve changed the way users access and switch between apps. Much like the Mac’s Spaces or the animated multiple desktops in Compiz for Linux, open applications can be swiped left or right… Read more

Notion Ink Adam pre-orders start today

It’s here! Notion Ink’s Adam tablet will be up for pre-booking today, and the official Adam announcement post contains loads of great news. First off, the cheapest model of six variants will only run $375.33, which is less than NI had projected. More feature rich flavors reach up to $549. The company also dropped a load of specs and bullet ponts today… Read more