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Snapseed Launched For Android, Made Free On iOS

Snapseed was a photo editing app, paid iOS App Store. Google ended up acquiring it and has made it free. However, the App Store is not interesting to you. So here’s the real news: It’s now available for Android too. It’s live on the Play Store, and I have to say it’s pretty damn awesome. Photo editing is very easy, with a lot of features and very… Read more

Google Drive Updated, Adds Needed Features Like Spreadsheet Editor

Google Drive is a nice app, but it is missing quite a few features. For example, I still can’t easily download photos from the Drive app to my phone. But a few new features were added to the app today, making it a lot more useful than before. A big new feature is the ability to edit spreadsheets. This feature was sorely needed for those who used… Read more

MKB Reviews: Color Touch Effects [Video]

Color Touch Effects is a free app in the Android market that lets you recolor images and add some neat effects to pictures you download or pictures you take. The effect is simple, really: You color over a photo with an effect in desired places, then publish the photo and share! Interested? Check out the full video… Read more

Advanced video editing is coming to Android

In testing for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 full review, I found Samsung’s three inch increase in screen size over their original seven-inch Tab to provide a negligible improvement in the enjoyment of reading ebooks, browsing the web and navigating the OS. I enjoyed a significantly better gaming experience and spent more time watching videos than I had on the… Read more