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EA And Gameloft Will Support All New Nexus Devices

Here is some good news for current and future Nexus owners: Electronic Arts and Gameloft say they will support all Nexus devices, so you can be sure that their games will run perfectly on your new cutting edge hardware. Gameloft has already optimized 10 tablets to work with all the new Nexus devices, including the Nexus 10′s massive 2560×1600 display… Read more

Game Makers Are Pulling Titles From Google+, Why?

Google+ just lost the support of two high-profile casual game developers, PopCap and Wooga over speculation that social network has failed to make any real penetration in the social gaming market. Electronic Art’s owned PopCap confirmed it would “redeploy resources” previously assigned to its Bejeweled title, while Wooga has warned it will be… Read more

Skip levels with Angry Birds cheat

I’m reluctant to help anyone jump over the more difficult stages that I fought hard to pass in Angry Birds (the publishing company of which, incidentally, now belongs to EA), but I’ve caved into a few game cheats in my day so it’s only right that I pass this along. Droid-Life shows us the way (via a hack found at Reddit) and it’s pretty darn simple,… Read more