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Boeing chooses Android to entertain passengers in some flights

So while some folks will chalk up the iPad as the go-to device for companies to consume media and share it with others, it looks like Boeing doesn’t want to follow “the trend,” and has chosen to go with Android for their in-flight entertainment. The selected aircraft? The Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And if you think it’s going to go for just first class… Read more

Coast to Coast AM for Android: February launch tease

Attention lovers of bizarre talk radio; UFOlogists, Bigfoot hunters, witches, and time travelers: We’ve got a little status update regarding the Android application that will allow fans of Coast to Coast AM to download MP3s of shows that were broadcast in the previous 90 days, listen to live shows, gawk at bizarre audience-submitted photos, and more…. Read more

Onion News Network app for Android

Witty, sardonic, poignant, sarcastic, relevant, absurd, and gut-bustingly hilarious: these are a few of the adjectives I would use to describe The Onion – a virtual news paper that, when its pages are peeled away, leaves many a reader soaked in tears. And now, just a week after hearing an update on the status of my favorite radio talk show app for Android,… Read more