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Sprint Epic 4G Touch gets blurry cam love in the wild

Looks like someone out there has a Sprint Epic 4G Touch and they saw fit to show it off. Like all such pictures, its a little hard to see, but the what phone it is can easily be seen. We reported that the phone will be released for Sprint and it will be available this Sunday for $199 bones at your local Sprint retailer. via Android… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets Cyanogen Mod port

Every once in awhile there is a phone that is very tough to root and get custom ROMs running on. One of those phones has become the Epic 4G Touch from Sprint. Roots have been available, but until now no real custom ROMs. That has changed as Android Developer bubby323 has ported Cyanogen Mod version 7.2 to the Epic 4G Touch. Not everything is functional (far… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II officially announced for AT&T and T-Mobile, Epic 4G Touch for Sprint

The time has finally come. Samsung has made it official, all of the rumors and speculation, and waiting. But, here soon, the Samsung Galaxy S II will officially be landing in the United States tied to their respective carriers. As we already knew, Verizon isn’t included in the bunch. But, if you’re on AT&T or T-Mobile, then you’ll be getting a device that’s… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch specs leak ahead of launch

So, we’ve already seen what the press images for the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for Sprint will look like, but that doesn’t mean you probably don’t want to see them again. As we probably should have guessed would happen, one of the three Galaxy S II variants for the US has slipped into the wild a little ahead of schedule, and it just so happens to be the… Read more