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New Gingerbread leak for the Epic 4G gets stable

When the first Gingerbread leak for the Samsung Epic 4G reared its ugly head, there was a terrible initial reaction. Not only did 4G data not work, but there was GPS, temperature, and charging issues with the ROM to say the least. Now, there’s a now ROM in town. Gingerbread build number EE03 has just made its way online, and things are already going… Read more

Samsung releases Froyo source code for Epic and Vibrant

Your average Joe type Android user probably won’t find much of interest here, but hackers and modders are gonna love this. Samsung has taken the time to release the Froyo source code for not only the Vibrant, but for the Epic as well — Yes, the Epic doesn’t even have Froyo quite yet (the OTA was announced today), and the source code is already… Read more

Galaxy S GPS fix not for the faint of heart

Galaxy S owners, I feel your pain. In the brief time that I owned a Vibrant I must have pulled over half a dozen times to wait for my GPS connection, having typed in an address and pulled out of the lot expecting the kind of response I had become accustomed to on other Androids. But as you know it’s not uncommon to wait 5 minutes for one of Sammy’s… Read more

Epic 4G set to receive post Christmas update to Froyo

Well Epic owners, this has been a long time coming. Your journey isn’t over quite yet, but if some leaked screen shots of an internal memo obtained by Phone Arena are correct, December 26th is the day you should start seeing your official update to Froyo. If everything goes according to plan, build DL11 will start rolling out in phases on the 26th, and… Read more

Epic 4G hits the streets

I’m curious about how many of you were out there (or are out there right now) for Sprint’s 8:00 opening on the Epic 4G launch day. Stores across the country have or will open early, selling the QWERTY-packin’ WiMAX version of Samsung’s Galaxy S for $249.99 after contract and rebate, and we want to know what you think. Have you bought an Epic? Did you try a… Read more