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Eric Schmidt Calls Next Motorola Phones Phenomenal, Announces Android Reaching 1.5 Million Activations Per Day

Every time Google Chairman Eric Schmidt publicly speaks, Android has reached a new milestone in daily activations. As of today, there are 1.5 million activations a day, a staggering number that just keeps growing. The Android train isn’t slowing down, folks! This totals up to 740 million Android phones currently in use, spanning 320 carriers and 160… Read more

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt Says Chrome OS, Android Will Stay Separate

With Andy Rubin stepping down from his role as the head of the Android platform as it comes under a single umbrella with ChromeOS, there has been some immediate thought that the two platforms could merge. That won’t be case says Google’s former CEO and now Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Speaking at Google’s Big Tent event in India, Schmidt stated… Read more

Google Chairman Says Android Is Winning The Mobile War

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says that Android is definitely winning the smartphone war against Apple. Schmidt says that Google’s Android lead over Apple in the mobile market is similar to Microsoft’s desktop software’s lead over Apple’s desktops in the 1990s. Schmidt says that Android has attained 72.4% of the mobile market in Q3 while Apple only… Read more

Eric Schmidt believes Android isn’t fragmented

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt stopped by CES yesterday, and gave a few words on Android’s fragmentation. He claimed that the OS isn’t fragmented, but “differentiated”. He further supports this by saying that fragmentation is when an app runs on one device but not the other, something he believes Android doesn’t have an issue with. He also goes on… Read more

Google to world: We couldn’t do anything about Carrier IQ

Amid the scandals shaking the mobile world these days there is Carrier IQ. If you’ve been keeping track of the battle that is unfolding you know that Carrier IQ is a “network performance” app that basically kept track of everything you were doing on your phone. Today, Eric Schmidt told the mobile community that there was really nothing that could have been… Read more