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Eris unboxed

I may have been lass than enthusiastic about Eris news in the past. After all, I wanted some new features to go along with the new name bestowed upon this Verizon incarnation of Hero. But the leak ninja who tendered these images for Boy Genius says the phone is thinner and lighter than Hero, and that it feels better in the hand. If $99 is what it takes to… Read more

Eris to cost $99?

People recently questioned my negative reaction to the confirmation of the suspicion that Eris’ processor would run at 528 MHz. So what, right? You have to get used to that kind of thing. But I like interacting with the people who visit this site, so I’ll continue. Some took my frustration as surprize (?), while others tried to convince me that clock speed… Read more

Eris perched in preperation for belly flop

O.K., so everybody knows that the HTC Desire is now called Eris, right? Good. And you’ve all read about Droid being a Verizon *series* rather than a single device, correct? Good. And you’ve heard that Eris is expected to be available on 11/6, haven’t you? Good. Now that we’ve got all of that straight, there’s one more bit of information I need to cover that… Read more