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LG Event In China Only For Optimus G Pro, No New Devices

When LG announced that they would hold an event in New York City, we were quite excited. We theorized that it would be for the LG Optimus G Pro making its appearance in the US. A few days later, LG announced that the event would indeed be for the OG Pro (party poopers, ruining surprises). They did indeed announce the device, exclusive to AT&T but… Read more

LG Hosting Another Event In China, A New Optimus G Model?

On the first of this month, LG held an event in New York to announce its Optimus G Pro for the US, specifically AT&T. Now they have announced another event on May 30th in Macau, China. The title is “ImaGination Begins” with the G in the standard Optimus G font. But what device are we dealing with here? It might be the LG Optimus G2, but it seems a… Read more

LG Clarifies May 1st Event, Announcing The Optimus G Pro

We previously reported that LG was hosting an event in New York City on the first of May, but they never said why. We guessed that it was to announce the LG Optimus G Pro, and it seems that we were right! LG released a follow up to their initial announcement of the event, stating that the Optimus G Pro will be announced. It’ll also include a concert… Read more

LG Holding Event On May First In NYC

It looks like LG is throwing an event in New York! Come May 1st, LG will be holding an event to announce something for us. Could it be a new smartphone? A refrigerator? We don’t know, but we have our suspicions. It might be the LG Optimus G Pro coming to the US, and they’re announcing what carriers are going to be getting it. We have been hearing… Read more

Facebook Event Starts 1PM EDT/10AM PDT, Watch It Here

The Facebook Home event is coming up very soon, and we know at least a little of what they will offer. We’re sure they will announce the HTC First, an HTC phone that’s squarely mid end and will be running Facebook’s new software. Speaking of software, they should be announcing their new “home,” which is most likely either a launcher or a full on Android… Read more

Facebook’s New Home On Android Being Shown Off April 4th

Facebook has something in store, and they’re going to show it off very soon. On April 4th at 10 AM Pacific, they will show off their “new home on Android.” We don’t exactly know what that means, but we can guess. Could it be the next Facebook phone? The original HTC ChaCha was not a success in any way, and there have been many rumors floating around… Read more

Don’t Forget To Watch Samsung’s Livestream At 7 PM Eastern

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IDXILsX7_QI Today is the big day! Samsung Unpacked 2013 is happening, and we will be able to see the next Galaxy phone. Considering how the Galaxy series has been Android’s flagship recently, it’s a pretty important event. The press will be swarming and writing away, but don’t feel left out. Samsung… Read more