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Watch The Entire HTC Event Announcing The HTC One

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5HM8MHkL3c HTC announced the HTC One yesterday at their own event, and if you missed it, whether you were at work or still asleep, we have you covered. Here is the full announcement, clocking in at a little over 37 minutes, for you to watch in HD. It’s definitely an interesting event. Now that you’ve had a day to think… Read more

HTC May Release An Ubuntu Tablet?

First, HTC showed off this photo. It looks like a device under a cloth, but it looks a bit big, doesn’t it? Could it be a tablet? No, HTC said they left the Android tablet market after a few not-so-successful launches. But what could it be? Next, Ubuntu released this timer. counting down to what seems to be HTC’s press event tomorrow. It’s… Read more

Rumor: HTC Unveiling The M7 Before MWC

It has generally been believed that the mystical HTC M7 would be announced at Mobile World Congress, along with a slew of other devices from many manufacturers. But rumor has it that HTC will hold their own conference to announce this device a week before MWC. If this is true, it’s just another event people have to travel to. Everyone seems to want… Read more

Google I/O Scheduled For May 15-17 2013, Once Again In SF

Google has finally announced the dates for the Google I/O developer conference. It shall take place from May 15th to May 17th 2013 and will be held, as always at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. Strangely, the Google I/O page has not been updated; it’s still stuck in 2012. However, at least we know the dates. Also, registration details will be… Read more

HTC DROID DNA Leaked On Verizon’s Site, As Good As Official

While we’ve already known that Verizon and HTC are hosting an event on Tuesday, it looks like Verizon let it slip what they’ll be revealing on their site today. Their news section revealed a “DROID DNA Unboxing” (since removed) slated for Monday, November 19th on Google +. This just about confirms what we’ll be seeing at Tuesday’s event. As a quick… Read more

Photos Of The Cancelled Google Nexus Event

Google’s Android event, where the new Nexus devices were going to be unveiled, was cancelled due to the storm. We never got a chance to see how it’d go. Now we have a few photos of how it was going to look like. It was fairly colorful, with fancy Android chairs (that I really want). If you want to see more photos, hit the source link. Google+… Read more

Poll: Which Nexus Device Will You Be Getting?

Yesterday was a big day for Android. Google announced quite a few Nexus products, along with a whole new version of Android. If you missed it all, we posted a handy recap for you to read. But today we have a big question for you: Which Nexus device will you be buying? Of course, this is only for those who are buying a new Nexus device. But we’re… Read more

The Next Generation Of Nexus Devices Arrive: A Recap Of Today

Google’s event may have been cancelled, but that didn’t stop them from unveiling every single device they were going to. Today we got a few new devices, and a few refreshed ones. We also got a new version of Android with a ton of cool features. This post is to recap today’s events and consolidate them into one place. Here is the biggest Google news for… Read more