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Samsung Starts Sending Invitations For August 15 Event, Looks Like The Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung mentioned previously that they’d be holding an event on August 15 to announce the “newest galaxy device” and they’ve now sent out the official invites for the event. They’re not too secretive about what will be featured as there’s a large hand drawn rectangular device that quite resembles a tablet. There’s also a small drawing in the corner of… Read more

Google Holding Maps Event before WWDC, Possibly To Spite Apple

We’ve all heard the rumors that Apple will be dropping Google Maps and using their own. And Google seems to know this. They’re holding an event centralized around Maps only 5 days before WWDC, where Apple will be presenting. They will be demoing some new features, sharing their “vision.” The new features “will get people where they want to go – both… Read more

Live at a Verizon Wireless LTE event [Update]

I was recently invited to a Verizon Wireless LTE event.  The primary focus of the event is to introduce business partners to the advantages and features of Verizon’s forthcoming 4G network.  I’ll be pseudo live tweeting from the event (a.k.a. updating this post).  Keep refreshing this post for more info. Unfortunately, there will be no live demo devices… Read more